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Steel is essential for future vehicle generations and continues to be one of the most important materials in the automotive construction. This involves new challenges and that is why it is necessary to achieve ambitious goals: higher safety, maximized weight reduction, higher profitability and also more efficiency in environmental protection and resource savings.
By further development of our steel grades and with the help of new technologies we are ready to implement these goals.

Let´s intensify our dialog to match the potential of steel with your requirements by innovation and constant development.

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Does the component deliver what the characteristic promises?

06/22/2016 | Article by Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH
How customized testing methods help with material selection. Characteristics play a crucial role during component development. Characteristics of standardized test specimens are often used as input data during process optimization and component development.

Injection Lines for Diesel Engines - CRG

06/09/2016 | Article by Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision GmbH
Seamless precision steel tubes for advanced internal pressure fatigue resistance Expectations tend to become more and more challenging in the automotive sector. Especially in the field of Diesel powered engines technical requirements tighten continuously. Amongst others, this holds true with regard to motor acoustics, engine smoothness as well as efficiency.

Researching and developing products of the future

06/02/2016 | Article by Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH
The requirements driven by environmental policy that vehicle manufacturers have to satisfy are manifold: On the one hand, supplier components need to be as light as possible in order to reduce or keep fuel consumption down through weight savings. On the other, their structure has to be sound in order to absorb or divert the impact energy in the event of a crash.