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Car Body

Photo of a roof


StronSal® MC in body shell applications. » more

Photo of a front fender

Front fender

Dual phase steel in front fender. » more

Photo of a seat cross member

Seat cross member

Seat cross member out of dual phase steel. » more

Photo of a d-pillar enhancement

D-pillar enhancement

D-pillar enhancement out of dual phase steel. » more

Photo of a longitudinal chassis beam

longitudinal chassis beam

Tailored blanks out of dual phase steel in longitudinal chassis beams. » more

Photo of a deck lid

Deck lid

Tailored blanks in deck lids. » more

Photo of an airbag


Precision steel tubes for Airbags. » more

Photo of a crash tube

Crash tube

AcaSal®700+Z for Crash tubes. » more

Photo of a multi chamber extruded profil

Multi chamber extruded profiles

Use of hydroforming technology for multi chamber extruded profiles. » more

Photo of an a-pillar


Use of hydroform technology for A-pillars. » more

Photo of a panel, rear floor

Panel, rear floor

Laser welded blank "Panel, rear floor". » more


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