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Front fender

Dual-phase steel - front fender

Steels are increasingly utilized in new vehicle generations, which require both high strength and good formability. Dual-phase steels meet this objective particularly well.

Thanks to a component-appropriate design and a reduction of the material thickness, this new generation of materials makes considerable contributions to lightweight automotive engineering and construction.

Foto von einem Kotflügel aus Dualphasen-Stahl

Dual-phase steel

Dual phase steels feature comparatively low yield strengths and are consequently easy to form. Due to their extremely high work hardening level, they are particularly suitable for use in crash-relevant components. » more

StronSal® MC was developed by Salzgitter Flachstahl in order to achieve better corrosion protection compared to conventional zinc coatings - the unique composition of the coating significantly improves the corrosion resistance of the steel. 

In the cut edge corrosion test according to VDA 621-415, StronSal® MC demonstrates corrosion resistance which is at least twice as high as that of conventional zinc coatings.

Keyvisual der Salzgitter-Marke StronSal MC


StronSal®MC guarantees the highest body shell quality for the most demanding requirements in the automotive industry. » more

Component: Dual-phase steel and StronSal® - Front fender

Photo of a front fender

As a producer of high-quality flat products, Salzgitter Flachstahl is demonstrating the fact that weight reductions can also be achieved by reducing the coating thickness and deploying the newly developed hot-dip coating StronSal®. Since StronSal® contains - in addition to zinc - 1-2 percent magnesium and aluminum, the coating delivers excellent anti-corrosive properties despite reduced layer thickness. 

The StronSal® surface is used in e.g. dual-phase steel fenders.

  • Material:     CR290Y490T-DP+ZM
  • Thickness:  0,65 mm
  • Surface:      StronSal® MC (ZM70/70)


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