Integral subframe

Use of RobuSal®800 in integral subframe.

Photo of a integral subframe

Axle crossmember

Tailored blanks - SZBS800 and RobuSal®800 in axle crossmember.

Photo of a axle crossmember

Transverse control arm

Transverse control arm out of SZBS800.

Photo of a transverse control arm

Trailing arm

Trailing arm out of SZBS800.

Photo of a trailing arm

Toe link

SZBS800 and StronSal® for toe links.

Photo of a toe link

Spring link

Spring link out of SZBS800.

Photo of a spring link

Shock absorber

Precision steel tubes for shock absorbers.

Photo of a shock absorber


Precision steel tubes for stabilizers.

Photo of a stabilizer


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