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Integral subframe

RobuSal®800 - Integral subframe

Salzgitter Flachstahl’s air-hardening steel grade RobuSal®800 was especially developed for the automotive industry. This grade meets customer demands for lighter construction, better operational strength and excellent crash behavior.

Given its remarkable characteristics, RobuSal®800 meets the latest requirements for automotive materials with regard to safety and lightweight construction potential:

  • Very good cold formability
  • High component strength produced by heat treatment
  • Excellent welding properties in the soft, as well as in the tempered state
  • Superior operational strength
Foto von einem Integralträger aus RobuSal800


RobuSal®800 meets customer demands for lighter construction, better operational strength and excellent crash behavior. » more

Foto von einem Werkzeug für Innenhochdruck-Umformung

Hydroforming technology

Challenging components can be manufactured easily by hydroforming technology. » more

Application: Integral subframe Mercedes Benz E-Class

Illustration of an integral subframe Mercedes Benz E-Class

RobuSal®800 is already demonstrating its enormous lightweight construction potential today in the integral subframe of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class:

This component supports the essential units of the vehicle front, such as the engine, transmission, front axle and steering.

In this case, the use of RobuSal®800 on the integral support enabled the thickness of the sheet metal and thereby the component weight to be reduced by 8 percent compared to the predecessor model.

Component:Integral subframe
Thickness:Cold-rolled for tube sections: 1.35 mm to 2.50 mm
Cold-rolled for special parts: 1.30 mm to 1.50 mm
Weight savings:    8 % per component compared to predecessor module
Photo of an integral carrier


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