SZBS800 - Toe link

With its SZBS800 and SZBS600 grades, Salzgitter Flachstahl has developed two innovative bainitic hot-rolled steels which belong to the group of complex-phase steels. These materials are predestined for use in dynamically stressed components:

  • Increased hole expansion and the associated minimal edge cracking susceptibility
  • Process-safe production of very complex component geometries while maintaining high tensile strength
  • Significant potential for component integration
  • High fatigue strength, especially when subjected to dynamic stress
  • Potential for lightweight construction due to reduction in the thickness of the sheet metal and more construction-friendly design
  • Very good weldability

Bainitic steels

Bainitic steels are predestined for use in dynamically stressed components.

Application: Toe link with SZBS800+ZM

The toe link impressively demonstrates the high bending radius and forming which can be achieved with SZBS800 in spite of the high yield strength of more than 680 MPa, in process-safe manner and without edge cracks. Thanks to its high fatigue strength, the SZBS800 is particularly well suited for use in the dynamically highly stressed toe link.

During stamping tests, the StronSal® zinc magnesium coating showed significantly lower zinc abrasion in the pressing tools than conventional zinc coatings (hot-dipped and electrolytic galvanizing). This enables resource-saving reductions of the zinc layer thickness compared to conventional galvanizing, as well as a higher number of presses during the forming process. 

Thickness:1.8 mm
Surface:StronSal® coated (ZM70/70)