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Trailing arm

SZBS800 - Trailing arm

With its SZBS800 and SZBS600 grades, Salzgitter Flachstahl has developed two innovative bainitic hot-rolled steels which belong to the group of complex-phase steels. These materials are predestined for use in dynamically stressed components:

  • Increased hole expansion and the associated minimal edge cracking susceptibility
  • Process-safe production of very complex component geometries while maintaining high tensile strength
  • Significant potential for component integration
  • High fatigue strength, especially when subjected to dynamic stress
  • Potential for lightweight construction due to reduction in the thickness of the sheet metal and more construction-friendly design
  • Very good weldability

Bainitic steels

Bainitic steels are predestined for use in dynamically stressed components. » more

Trailing arm MQB-Plattform VW

Volkswagen AG has opted for SZBS800 in the chassis in order to take advantage of the outstanding properties of the bainitic steels from Salzgitter.

The use of SZBS800 resulted in a reduction of production steps via component integration, thereby delivering cost advantages for the automobile manufacturer.

Component:Trailing arm
Material:Bainitic steel SZBS800
Thickness:        2.0 mm



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