As the leading European manufacturer of cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes and producer of welded precision-rolled precision steel tubes, Mannesmann Precision Tubes (MPT) offers a wide range of products as well as extraordinary services in consulting, sales and service with a great deal of scope for intelligent solutions.

Precision steel tubes

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Foto von diversen Präzisionstahlrohren

Precision steel tubes - Ball cage

Präzisionsstahlrohre für Kugelkäfige [EN]

Precision steel tubes for ball cages (production lengths as well as short lengths) impress with outstanding surface and geometrical properties, and feature a well-defined microstructure. 

MPT commands long-standing experience in the production of precision steel tubes for ball cages and is therefore highly conversant with the special features of the products. The product portfolio includes, besides C-steels, quench and tempering steels, as well as case hardening steels. This enables us to meet a wide variety of specific customer requirements.

Customer expectations:


  • Formability, machinability
  • High surface quality
  • Adequacy for (case) hardening
  • Cross sectional volume constancy

Rohranforderungen [EN]

Tube requirements:

  • Geometrical characteristics within narrow scatter bands (wall thickness, diameter, eccentricity)
  • Well-defined, homogeneous microstructure
  • Customized chemical analysis
  • Demanding requirements on the macroscopic degree of purity