Drive shaft (Monobloc)

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Precision steel tubes

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Monobloc Tubular Shafts (MTS) and Welded Tubular Shafts (WTS) at the customer

Precision steel tubes for tubular shafts feature outstanding geometrical properties and are manufactured in the form of high-quality carbon, manganese boron or air-hardening steel.

Dedicated wall thickness and eccentricity tolerances provide excellent dynamic response as well as fatigue properties. Precision steel tubes for monobloc tubular shafts are suitable either for quenching and tempering (C and CrMo grades) or hardening processes (MnB grades). MPT steels exhibit well-defined microstructures and extensive deformation capacities. As a result, they are suitable for cold-forming processes.

Customer expectations:

  • Cold forming capacity (MTS)
  • Weldability (WTS)
  • Excellent dynamic Response
  • Appropriate static and fatigue properties

Tube requirements:


  • Geometrical characteristics within narrow scatter bands (wall thickness, diameter, eccentricity, etc.)
  • Well-defined, homogeneous microstructure
  • Narrow scatter band of strength properties