Exhaust components

Hydroforming technology - Exhaust components

The advantages offered by IHU-formed components are utilized and highly regarded in many areas of industry.


Especially in the automotive industry, the manifold advantages of IHU technology are highly valued – from extreme forming degrees, high lightweight construction performance, stiffness, to design possibilities and special precision requirements and all the way through to excellent operational strength.

Hydroforming technology

Challenging components can be manufactured easily by hydroforming technology.

Foto von einem Werkzeug für Innenhochdruck-Umformung

Application: Exhaust components out of austenitic steels

Hydroformed exhaust gas components are usually the best solution in the trade-off between weight reduction, thermal and mechanical stress and strict cost requirements. Compared to components that are welded from several half-shells, IHU components offer higher tensile strength and precision.




  • Extreme forming degrees
  • Excellent operational strength
  • High lightweight construction performance & stiffness
  • Precision