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Material parameter

The Salzgitter Material Database can now be reached at its own homepage: www.comdas-online.de.

COMDaS stands for Customer Online Material Data System, and starting now, this system also allows customers to retrieve Salzgitter Flachstahl material data online.

Graphic product development

Salzgitter Flachstahl actively supports its customers in their material selection processes, and this support starts in the early development process.
In the past, customers could view basic information such as chemical composition, mechanical-technical parameters, and delivery forms online through the product range.
With the new COMDaS online material database, Salzgitter Flachstahl, together with Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung, is handling current and future customer demands. This customer-oriented database provides comprehensive material characteristics and allows accurate assessments of the material's potential and predictions of the material or component behavior based on simulations.

COMDaS-Online provides the results of the following examinations:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Tensile test
  • Forming limit diagram
  • High-speed tensile test
  • Cyclic characteristics

Taking the dissemination of the material data via data transmission a step further, the COMDaS database material characteristics can now be downloaded at any time after a free, one-time registration on the homepage www.comdas-online.de.

Photo of a simulation

The grades provided in COMDaS

  • are characterized in accordance with SEP1240 (steel-iron testing guidelines)
  • are representative of the Salzgitter Flachstahl product range
  • include the latest steel grades for automobile manufacturing

The COMDaS material data

  • form the basis for meaningful forming simulations
  • are supplemented with program-specific material cards from the current simulation software (AutoForm, PamStamp, PamCrash, LS-Dyna).

You can obtain more information at werkstoffkennwerte@salzgitter-ag.de

Contact person Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH:

Ansgar Geffert 

Eisenhüttenstrasse 99
38239 Salzgitter

Phone: +49 5341 21-3691


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