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 /  /  / SZBS800+Z: Warmgewalzter hochfester bainitischer Stahl in feuerverzinkter Ausführung


22.11.18 | Article of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

SZBS800®+Z: Hot-rolled, high-strength bainitic steel with hot-dipped zinc coating

The innovative bainitic hot-rolled strip steel is a multiphase steel with a unique microstructure for a very uniform hardness distribution. This results in a material that is less susceptible to cracking than conventional multiphase steels. The material features a very high yield strength and tensile strength with sufficiently high elongation at break for cold forming processes. If offers the following positive characteristics:

  • In the xpand® variant, with increased hole expansion ratio and the associated low edge crack sensitivity
  • Process-reliable manufacturing of very complex component geometries with high strength
  • Great potential for component integration
  • Good fatigue properties particularly under dynamic stresses
  • Light-weight construction potential due to reduced sheet thicknesses and a design better suited to the component
  • Very good weldability

The hot-dipped zinc coating and StronSal® (zinc-magnesium) coating offer two alternatives for corrosion protection.

Grade SZBS800+Z material is used in both the body and the chassis.

In the vehicle body, the material is particularly used in elements relevant to safety, such as reinforcements and supporting structures.

Thanks to its good fatigue properties, SZBS800+Z is particularly well-suited for use in vehicle parts subject to high dynamic stresses. At the same time, these profit from the potential for weight reductions due to the material's high strength. Examples of typical applications here are transverse and trailing arms as well as track and spring control arms.

You will find more information on SZBS800+Z on our product page and in our material information sheet.

Our Technical Customer Services would be happy to answer any questions you may have and also to provide further information.

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