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Salzgitter AG scores higher CDP rating

01.05.19 | Initiative Automotive
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Climate protection and the changing needs of its customers are combining to present the German automobile industry with new challenges in the development and manufacture of vehicles and the components used. Along the production chain, input material suppliers too have a major role to play. For Salzgitter AG as a supplier of input material, the efficient use of resources is an important issue, not just on environmental grounds but also due to the constantly increasing pressure of cost.
CDP – formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project – is an international not-for-profit organization. It records and evaluates the greenhouse gas emissions data voluntarily disclosed by businesses and organizations and assesses how these undertakings are dealing with climate change and their strategies to address the associated opportunities and risks.
CDP gathers extensive data once per year on behalf of investors and by its own figures has meanwhile amassed the world’s most significant record of collections and evaluations. Having been rated B as Best Newcomer Germany in 2016, and after reaffirming this result in 2017, Salzgitter AG has now achieved a further improvement in its CDP rating. In 2018 Salzgitter AG climbed through the CDP rankings and is now one of the leading group with an A rating.
 “We are delighted at this excellent rating,” commented Dr. Jens Traupe, head of environmental protection and energy policy at Salzgitter AG, “and we see this as recognition for our consistent and transparent focus on resource and energy efficiency.”


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