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24.05.19 | Initiative Automotive

 - from June 4, 5 2019 in the Nuremberg Trade Fair Center -
Electrification, digitalization, CO2 and weight reduction are the driving forces in automobile development. What material combinations will determine the bodywork of the future? An increasing amount of lightweight construction material is being used. What impact will this have on automobile development and commercial production? How do the concepts for sustainable bodywork construction look? What are the consequences of lightweight construction methods for surface technology?
Under its Initiative Automotive, Salzgitter AG will be there with its stand to offer you solutions for high-quality bodywork parts in bodyshell quality and COMDaS, the free materials database.
See for yourself and visit us in Hall 12, Stand 407. For an admission ticket, please contact us on: flachstahl@salzgitter-ag.de
We look forward to your visit.


The Salzgitter AG Initiative Automotive offers you current developments and solution concepts, from prototype and tool construction to the finished hydroformed component - all from a single source. Whether high-quality, super high-strength flat products, cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel pipes, customized blanks or best service.

The material database COMDaS
Denominative mark description
One of the solutions for bodyshell quality: Pretex focar®.
Picture of an engine hood with a detail of the microscopic view of the Pretex surface.
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