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Bainitic steel

picture of a track control arm made of bainitic steel


The innovative bainitic, hot-rolled strip steels SZBS600 and SZBS800 belong to the group of multi-phase steels and are characterized by a unique microstructure architecture which results in a very homogeneous hardness distribution. This means fewer starting points for crack propagation than in conventional multi-phase steels.


Illustration function enhancement

Function enhancement

Overview evolution of material requirements

Customer benefits:

  • very high hole expansion ratio up to 75 %
  • low edge crack sensitivity
  • good fatigue properties
  • high yield strength



  • Yield strength Rp0,2 (in MPa): 480 -580
  • Tensile strength Rm (in MPa): 590 -670
  • Elongation A80 (in %): ≥161


  • Yield strength Rp0,2 (in MPa): ≥680
  • Tensile strength Rm (in MPa): 800-980
  • Elongation A80 (in %): ≥101

1 to nominal thickness e ≥ 3mm applies A5.

Diagram characteristics bainitic steel



Axle crossmember

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Transverse control arm

Photo transverse control arm

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Trailing arm

Photo trailing arm

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Toe link

Photo toe link

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Spring link

Photo spring control arm

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