Salzgitter Hydroforming GmbH & Co. KG develops and manufactures sophisticated components by means of hydroforming.

Salzgitter Hydroforming (SZHF) develops and manufactures sophisticated components using hydroforming. Salzgitter Hydroforming is an established series supplier and in addition offers all services from development (including FEM simulation), prototyping through to tooling design.
As a specialist in technology we supply leading automotive manufacturers and their suppliers with ready-to-install components for the chassis, car body and exhaust systems. In the field of heat technology we are your partner for parts subject to particularly high demands on flow characteristics and energy conversion efficiency.

Automotive Engineering:


Serving the automotive industry, SZHF is offering manufacturing concepts matched by a comprehensive service portfolio – from small to large-scale series production and comprising all upstream and downstream processes. Here, SZHF is drawing on its comprehensive development expertise with a strong CAE environment.


Function enhancements:

  • Extreme degrees of formability → Function integration / design freedom
  • High stiffness due to closed profiles → Lightweight construction / crash safety
  • Very good cold hardening → Lightweight construction / crash safety
  • Different materials and wall thicknesses from one tool → diversity of variants
  • Fit-for-purpose wall thickness processes → High yield strength


  • Outstanding shape precision
  • High repeatability accuracy → Stable serial production

Cost efficiency:

  • Saves on components and joints
  • Production of multi-parts
  • Optimum material utilization → Low waste levels
Customer benefits:
  • Significantly improved profile precision for subsequent joining operations (high dimensional tolerances)
  • Perfect forming also in tight bending radii for shape stability (no bending dents)
  • Integration of form elements (e.g., crash beading, clearances, etc.)
  • Stamping surfaces for connection elements
  • Highly accurate reference holes from the IHU process for positioning components during downstream operations 

→ Implementation of sophisticated 3D geometries on extrusion press profiles

→ Weight-optimized design due to high rigidity of the profiles


Car Body:
Photo multi-chamber extruded profiles

Multi-chamber extruded profiles

Photo a-pillar


Photo integral subframe

Integral subframe

Photo exhaust components

Exhaust components