Mannesmann Precision Tubes is the leading supplier of cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes

As a leading European manufacturer of cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes, Mannesmann Precision Tubes GmbH offers you a wide range of products and services with great scope for intelligent tubing-related solutions.

Synergistic effects as a result of our co-operation with Mannesmannröhren-Werken and other companies of the Salzgitter Group guarantee outstanding efficiency and achievements.


No car is conceivable without tubes or tubing-related products, whether you think of drive transmission, chassis, steering system, fuel injection or passenger protection. As Europe's leading specialist for these products we are one of the automotive industry's most reliable partners in terms of product development and series production.

Our and our partners' goal is to optimize the performance, comfort and security of cars. Regular internal and external audits assure the high quality of our products. Our up-to-date logistics enable us to carry out just-in-time deliveries directly to our customers' assembly lines.

Highlights in the product portfolio in automotive engineering:

Use of precision steel tubes instead of solid material for stabilizers

Use of precision steel tubes instead of solid material for stabilizers.


Customer benefits:

  • significant weight reduction
  • reduced manufacturing efforts
  • enhanced properties of the components
Lightweight construction with TDT® Tailor Drawn Tubes

The TDT® Tailor Drawn Tube method allows a flexible adjustment of the wall thicknesses of the pipe bodies to the load that arises. The developed drawing process ensures consistent homogeneous properties.

Depending on the initial construction, the potential for weight reduction is approximately 20%.

Key points of the pipe manufacturing process: 

  • Longitudinally welded pipe, high-ductility RF welding seam, proven in the IHU process
  • Newly developed drawing process enables homogeneous mechanical / technological properties across construction length
  • Optimized selection of materials

Customer benefits:

  • High degree of accuracy / tight tolerances
  • Homogeneous seam area
  • High degree of forming capacity
  • Mechanical properties adjustable by drawing and annealing process
  • Multiple lengths and large pipe lengths are possible
  • Low tool costs



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Shock absorber

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Diesel injection lines

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Drive shaft

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Propeller shaft

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Ball cage