Salzgitter Automotive Engineering affiliates with many years experience in machining all kinds of materials and in developing lightweight construction concepts and manufacturing methods, we are one of the leading suppliers of automotive body parts and components – an innovative partner right from the early stages of the development process for new vehicles.



Concept part manufacturing:

  • Manually formed individual components (e. g. mounting brackets, body shell side panels)
  • Complex welded components ans assemblies for concept vehicles
  • Manufacturing of Klopfstempel and deep-drawing-tools
  • Units: 1 to 5

Manufacturing of prototypes:

  • Utilities made of gray cast, steel and synthetic material
  • Complex structural and body shell components, hot-formed prototype components
  • Subassembly, e. g. doors or hatches
  • Surfaces: Class A (passivated, coated or painted)

Close-to-production prototype vehicles:

  • Accurate implementation of series production methods in the forming and copying process
  • Validation of the customer's serial production relating to forming, spring back, joining techniques and surfaces
  • Backup for preproduction process
Customer benefits:
  • Problem-solving know-how based on long-standing expertise from a leading European supplier of prototype parts
  • Mapping of the entire prototype range, from manually fabricated parts to sophisticated sub-assemblies and all the way through to the testing and securing of pre-production
  • Possibility of manufacturing assemblies of larger quantities as well in ZSB production cells
  • Implementation of extremely tight deadlines thanks to high employee flexibility

Series Tools:

  • Development and production of transfer and progressive dies
  • Series tools for cold and hot forming (materials: steel and aluminum)
  • Series tools for hot forming in the direct process
  • PCB cuts
  • Tools for outer skin parts and structural parts
Customer benefits:
  • Development, production and commissioning of series tools (also internationally) for high-tensile and high-strength structural parts as well as for outer skin parts per customer-specific requirements
  • Excellent method and material competence for steel and aluminum
  • Short lead times
  • Pre-production series safeguard

Small Series

  • Manufacturing feasibility studies
  • Series production material off-tool or with laser cutting
  • Structural and outer Skin parts as well as steel and aluminum sub-assemblies
  • Quantity: up to 20,000 annually
Customer benefits:
  • Integrated engineering from a single source
  • Process protection from prototyping to series production
  •  Ability to also implement larger projects with various individual parts and sub-assemblies in the steel-aluminum mix
  • Complete product chain within the Salzgitter Group, from the primary material (steel plate), through blanking, forming and assembly