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Research and development

Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH is the central research company of the Salzgitter Group. Employing about 300 members of staff active at 8 main departments at the Salzgitter and Duisburg locations, SZMF conducts extensive, in-depth research and development work revolving around the material steel.

Services of Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH within the Initiative Automotive:

Application Technology (ESA)

From megatrends to marketable products

Engineering and simulation
  • Analysis and prognosis regarding material trends
  • Lightweight construction /resource efficiency studies
  • Customer support (concept, FEM, prototypes, series production launch)
  • Provision of FE material cards including new or optimized material characteristics for improved simulation quality
Metal forming
  • Analysis and optimization of existing as well as conceptual design of new forming sequences and processes
  • Materials characterization to describe the formability characteristics – from standardized test and inspection methods to component tests close to field conditions
  • Development of new methods for expanded material description
Joining technology
  • Selection, optimization and further development of all common industrial plate joining procedures
  • Determination of characteristics related to joining (static/cyclic/sudden)
  • Consultancy on joining mixed joints and hybrid materials
  • Component testing


Photo engineering and simulation
Photo metal forming
Foto eines Schweißroboters
Photo joining technology

Surface Technology (ESO)

Customer-specific development of metallic and organic surface coating systems

Chemical surface treatment
  • Development of powerful, in-process analysis methods for chemical surface treatments
  • Evaluation of the corrosion and weathering performance using standardized or customer-specific testing 
  • Analysis of failure cases regarding corrosion of coated metallic materials and coating damage
Metallic coatings
  • Development and introduction of new coating systems, e.g., for the automotive, household appliance and construction industries (see StronSal®MC)
  • Consultancy for customers on the use of coated products
  • Development of strategy for applications, corrosion protection and processing

Organic coatings
  • Development of organic coatings with improved application characteristics
  • Optimization of coating and post- treatment processes for production plants
  • Release testing using technical delivery specifications
Photo chemical surface treatment
Foto eines Autos
Photo metallic coatings
Foto eines organisch beschichtetem Stahlblech
Photo organic coatings

Material and Process Development (ESW)

Development of innovative hot and cold-rolled strip grades and the processes necessary for them

Materials characterization
  • Powerful metallography and metallurgy (LOM, FE-REM, EBSD, microprobe, XRD, AFM)
  • Examinations for materials development, releases, complaints and failure analyses
  • Non-destructive material testing in accordance with EN 473 and support in the use of online metrology
Process analysis and numerical simulation
  • Analysis of process and quality data spanning multiple areas (statistics, data mining)
  • Modeling and numerical simulation of materials and processes

New materials and technology
  • Market and customer focused steel type design
  • Design and adaptation of innovative manufacturing procedures
  • Experimental simulation of all materials and processes relevant for strip steel
  • Review and consultation with respect to fire resistant materials
Photo materials characterization
Photo process analysis and numerical simulation
Foto einer Drehprobe
Photo new materials and technology

Contact person Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH:

Ansgar Geffert 

Eisenhüttenstrasse 99
38239 Salzgitter

Phone: +49 5341 21-3691


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