The idea behind Initiative Automotive

Salzgitter AG – Steel and Technology

Salzgitter AG is one of Germany’s longest-standing companies and, through sustainable internal and external growth, has become one of Europe’s leading steel and technology groups.

Our Group encompasses nearly 160 national and international subsidiaries and associated companies and has over 25,000 employees worldwide.

  • One of the top five European companies for high-quality section steel and flat-steel products
  • European market leader in the field of medium-diameter line pipes and precision steel tubes
  • World market leader for large-diameter pipes
  • One of the top three manufacturers of turnkey filling and packaging lines worldwide

Customer-Oriented Services and Products

As a Group that thinks and acts in an innovative manner, we offer a wide range of products and services and make continuous advancements to them.

In this context, we place an equal focus on our customers’ individual needs, the markets’ challenges, and a sustainable production process.

Core areas of expertise for the automotive industry

  • Intensive research and development activities
  • State-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing technology
  • Wide range of high-quality flat-steel and pipe products
  • International business with products held in stock
  • Comprehensive environmental management and sustainability-oriented corporate governance

Pooling Expertise for Innovative Industry Solutions

One of Salzgitter AG’s notable strengths is the ability to implement complex system solutions for special areas of application and customer needs.

Our structure allows us to quickly assemble project teams comprised of members from across the Group, which then develop marketable solutions in close collaboration with the customer and through the effective integration of different areas of expertise.

Advantages of our Group network:

  • High level of innovative capacity thanks to pooling different areas of expertise
  • Maximum customer benefit through holistic approaches
  • Expansion of the basis of know-how through the transfer of knowledge
  • Highly efficient when carrying out Projects

Initiative Automotive – Partner for Automotive Engineering Solutions

Solutions for complex tasks in the field of state-of-the-art steel manufacturing and processing – this is what the Initiative Automotive stands for.

Mission of Initiative Automotive

  • Recognize, research, and act on market requirements and trends
  • Develop marketable materials, technology, production processes, and component solutions

The focus of all activities is on the close collaboration with our customers and the perfect integration of the respective areas of specialized expertise.

This is how we create automotive solutions that permanently improve our customers’ performance in the fields of safety, cost-effectiveness, lightweight design, and environmental and resource friendliness – today and in the future.