As the leading European manufacturer of cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes and producer of welded precision-rolled precision steel tubes, Mannesmann Precision Tubes (MPT) offers a wide range of products as well as extraordinary services in consulting, sales and service with a great deal of scope for intelligent solutions.

Precision steel tubes

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Assembled camshafts made of precision steel tubes - Light-weight solutions for the automotive industry

By opting for precision steel tubes as hollow shafts for assembled camshafts, significant weight savings can be achieved compared to forged solid components.

MPT draws on long-standing experience in the production of camshaft tubes.

Customer expectations:

  • Precise tolerances
  • Suitability for machining
  • Weight reduction

Tube requirements:

  • Optimized mechanical properties
  • Suitability for customized local properties
  • Demanding requirements on micro-cleanliness
  • Special machining for tube ends per customer specifications


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