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Complex-phase steels

Photo seat cross member


Complex phase steels owe their name to the complex composition of their microstructure components. They have a primary bainite-ferrite microstructure in which small portions of residual austenite, martensite or pearlite can be deposited. Complex phase steels feature a high yield strength and good fatigue properties. Complex phase steels additionally have very high hole expansion ratios and consequently low edge crack sensitivity during forming. They are therefore particularly suitable for deep-drawn components with very complex geometries.


Illustration function enhancement

Function enhancement

Illustration characteristics complex phase steels

Customer benefits:

  • high yield strength
  • good fatigue properties
  • very high hole expansion ratio up to 40 %
  • low edge crack sensitivity



  • VDA-norm: CR570Y780T-CP2
  • Yield strength Rp0,2 (in MPa): 570 -720
  • Tensile strength Rm (in MPa): ≥780
  • Elongation A80 (in %): ≥10

1 All values according to DIN EN 10346:2015.
2 Delivery according to VDA239-100 is possible.

Photo seat cross member


  • Deep-drawn components with very complex geometry, that are subjected to dynamic alternating stress
  • Chassis components with critical forming steps

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