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Photo axle crossmember


The RobuSal®800 air-hardening steel grade from Salzgitter Flachstahl has been developed especially for automobile manufacturing. In delivery condition, air-hardening steels are soft and therefore easy to form into complex components and they have high strength as a finished component. RobuSal®800 can be welded either manually or mechanically using all electrical welding techniques, in accordance with the general technical rules.


Illustration function enhancement

Function enhancement

Illustration weight reduction

Weight reduction

Diagram characteristics RobuSal

Customer's benefit:

  • innovative alternative to high and ultra high strength steels and aluminum due to greater strength in the hardened and tempered state
  • superior structural durability on welded component due to air-hardened characteristics
  • very good forming characteristics with high component strength



  • Yield strength Rp0,2/ReL (in MPa): 290 - 420
  • Tensile strength Rm (in MPa): 450 - 580
  • Elongation Ag (in %): ≥14
  • Elongation A80 (in %): ≥25
  • n-value: ≥0,14


  • Yield strength Re (in MPa): 260 - 400
  • Tensile strength Rm (in MPa): 460 - 650
  • Elongation A5 (in %): ≥25
Illustration RobuSal parameters



Integral subframe

Photo integral subframe

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Axle crossmember

Photo axle crossmember

Axle crossmember » more

Contact person Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH:

Thorsten Gintaut

Eisenhüttenstraße 99
38239 Salzgitter

Phone: +49 5341 21 - 26 54


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